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Get to Know the President behind Your Purpose Project
Non-profit Organization 501c3


Dara Teller, LCSW


Dara Teller is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Miami, Florida. She has been providing mental health services to the community since 2017. Dara earned her Master of Social Work degree from Barry University and has been practicing in Miami ever since.

Dara was given an assignment in her Graduate program, that required her to develop an imaginary program for an agency, to help a specific community. 

That is when Dara began to realize that her passion for helping others, mental health, mind/ body connection, elders, inspiring youth, knowledge, wisdom, life purpose and social connection ALL played a role in her imaginary program that would improve society. 

Since a young age, Dara has always loved speaking with those older than her and hearing their life stories, wisdom or just giving them a ear that is happy to listen.

She began to research for her graduate assignment, how mental health is linked to longevity, mental clarity, physical health and happiness. The supporting evidence was astonishing and that is when it became apparent that the missing link in society, is a program that mentally stimulates the elder population and gives them meaning and purpose in their life.

That is when Dara took it to the next level and realized her generation and those younger than her are missing out on wisdom and connection with society, due to the reality of social media and its nature of isolating people from in person connection and if they are active with online platforms, the youth have a distorted perception of reality, which is leading to mental health challenges in younger generations. 

The light blub went can we connect these two worlds, of elders and youth, to make it into a better ONE!


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